Achievements with the Jacksonville Symphony

About Tiffany Ash and the Jacksonville Symphony

A lover of the arts, Tiffany Ash has long believed in the transformative power of music. It is for this reason she has dedicated herself to connecting artists with their audiences and using the creative medium as a means to touch as many lives as possible.

Tiffany Ash considers working with the Jacksonville Symphony one of her greatest accomplishments and pleasures in life. She has dedicated her heart to helping the orchestra become the distinguished cultural institution it is today and plans to continue doing her best to see the nonprofit arts organization thrive.

As one of Northeast Florida’s most celebrated orchestras, Jacksonville Symphony, has done much to cultivate beauty and culture in the region. Tiffany Ash is pleased to align herself with the Symphony’s unending efforts to improve its artistic production. The goal is to cultivate the musical interest, talent, and skill of modern audiences so they evolve into masters of their craft and become the symphonic music ambassadors of tomorrow.

In light of these goals, Tiffany Ash is supportive of the Jacksonville Sympthony constantly looking for new and effective ways to engage the community. The organization has, for instance, established a number of community programs—including the Jacksonville Symphony Civic Orchestra, Chorus, and Youth Orchestras—with the purpose of extending its reach across real and imaginary cultural divides. The importance the Symphony places on the endorsement and embrace of inclusivity has allowed the Floridian community’s diverse and unique productions to take center stage and flourish.

Every season, the Jacksonville Symphony reaches almost 140,000 Jacksonville residents, including 38,000 Pre-K-12 students, through concerts, ensemble performances and music education programs. The Symphony touches the lives of thousands of seniors in a number of communities throughout Northeast Florida while close to 5,000 family and friends are in the audience for Jacksonville Symphony Youth Orchestra performances annually. In addition to concerts in Jacoby Hall, 17,627 viewers were enthralled by live-streamed performances through the Symphony’s Digital Concert Hall.  

Tiffany Ash is proud of the Symphony’s many programs and activities and hopes to use this blog to inspire in its audiences’ love for music and culture.