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Achievements with the Jacksonville Symphony

tiffany ash

Jacksonville Symphony is Livestreaming Concerts during Coronavirus Pandemic

Tiffany Ash is really optimistic about how groups have rallied to help out during this pandemic, and glad that it hasn’t stopped the Jacksonville Symphony from sharing its performances with audiences who need the uplifting qualities of music at this most difficult of times. The Jacksonville Symphony has been using the internet to share its…
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Why Music and Art is Important in a Child’s Development

The Effects of Art and Music in Kids Tiffany Ash, a frequent collaborator with the Jacksonville Symphony, knows only too well how powerful music can be. Having worked with the orchestra on several projects, she has seen how music can positively impact one’s mental and emotional well-being. And if music has this effect on adults,…
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How Orchestra Encourages Mental Growth in Kids

Tiffany Ash: How Youth Orchestras Promote Mental Growth in Kids Some of the most profound and life-changing experiences that Tiffany Ash has ever had have always been connected to music, whether it’s collaborating with the Jacksonville Symphony, Florida’s premier orchestra, or making and playing music on her own. For as long as she can remember,…
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