Ways the Jacksonville Symphony Gives Back to the Community

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Ways the Jacksonville Symphony Gives Back to the Community

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If there’s one thing that is powerful enough to elicit strong emotions or transport someone back to their colorful past, it’s music; at least for Tiffany Ash. Music affects everyone in different ways but no matter how it touches you, one thing remains the same: music has the power to move, inspire, and influence anyone.

And it is precisely for these reasons that the Jacksonville Symphony, Florida’s premier and longest-standing orchestra, has taken it upon themselves to reach out to as many people, especially the youth, to share their music and to provide opportunities for all to develop and hone their skills and talent. This is their way of giving back to the community, shares Tiffany Ash.

The Jacksonville Symphony Community Programs

Here are some of the community programs that the Jacksonville Symphony conducts every year:

1. Instrument Zoo

Arguably one of the best youth-oriented music programs in the State of Florida, the Instrument Zoo introduces kids to various musical instruments. This will not only get them curious about music and instruments but more importantly, it could help them discover their passion and talent for music or inspire them to learn an instrument. The Jacksonville Symphony also take the Instrument Zoo to students in Northeast Florida.

2. Civic Orchestra

Have you always wanted to play with an ensemble? When you close your eyes, do you see yourself holding your violin and playing with an orchestra? The Jacksonville Symphony can help make your dreams come true with their Civic Orchestra program. You will be given the opportunity to play onstage with not only some of the symphony’s musicians but also with their renowned conductors!

These are just a few of the community programs that the Jacksonville Symphony offers to the public every year. Visit their official website for more details.

Note: All information about the community programs were taken from the Jacksonville Symphony website.

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