Why Music and Art is Important in a Child’s Development

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Why Music and Art is Important in a Child’s Development

The Effects of Art and Music in Kids

Tiffany Ash, a frequent collaborator with the Jacksonville Symphony, knows only too well how powerful music can be. Having worked with the orchestra on several projects, she has seen how music can positively impact one’s mental and emotional well-being. And if music has this effect on adults, imagine how much more it can impact a child.

Here, Tiffany Ash shares her thoughts on why she believes that music and art is essential to a child’s development.

How music affects a child’s mental development

There have been numerous studies already on how music benefits a child, specifically, how it “influences” a child’s development. And the most significant findings these studies revealed have much to do with a child’s mental development.

Case in point: One study conducted by Artur Jaschke of Amesterdam’s VU University found that children who received music education “showed improved language-based reasoning and the ability to plan, organize and complete tasks, as well as improved academic achievement.”

The same study likewise found that children who received visual arts education “showed significant improvements in visual and spatial short-term memory.”

The study followed 147 school-age children over the span of 2 and ½ years. The subjects were divided into three groups: those who were given music education (which included structured musical method), those who received visual arts education, and those who didn’t receive either of the two supplementary education.

Of the three groups, the one that didn’t receive supplementary education in music or visual arts showed no significant changes or improvement compared to the first two groups.

Additionally, a study conducted several years ago likewise found that music therapy may help ease the symptoms of depression. This brings us to another significant benefit of music and art: calming the child.

Have you ever experienced “zoning out” when you’re writing a paper, drawing, painting, or doing something creative? Such is the effect of creativity. Briefly, creativity can provide your child with a “healthy distraction;” allowing them to explore their creative side in a fun and engaging way.

Visual art and music are both creative channels that can help soothe and calm both kids and adults. People who paint or draw or create or listen to music find the activity relaxing, helping to calm both their mind and body.

If you want your child to reap the health benefits of music and art, you can sign them up for lessons, encourage them to explore their creativity by giving them tools (like art materials or a musical instrument), or come up with art projects that they can do alone and you can do together.

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